Play Pac Man on your browser thanks to Google

Growing up on a small Greek island in the Aegean sea in the 80’s was not quite what you would call the “Mecca” of video games and technology.

But I did grow up in the 80’s and 90’s and if you did too, then surely you have played some Pac Man! (pacman? Which one is it?).

There was an arcade game in an old bar in our small village of 800 people at the time, and all the teenagers would go in there spending hours with a few coins they were able to snatch from their parents to play the few games available. One of them being Pac Man. I was mostly a spectator watching the older kids play the game.

Pacman gameboy game

Later on we were lucky enough that my Grandmother from Indianapolis bought a Nintendo Gameboy in a yard sale and shipped it over to us in Greece. Now that was a game changer! My brother and I would fight over who will get to play this thing. Eventually my grandma had to send over another one! Yes the fights between brothers are endless.

So even though I was never really great at video games (my brother mastered all the Gameboy games) I enjoyed playing them and I enjoyed playing and even watching my friends playing Pacman on that old arcade game trying to beat each other’s records.

I think not only our generation but also the fact that we grew up in a place that was a few years behind from the existing technology available makes me appreciate more what we had and did not have at the time. I am not sure kids these days will understand that.

Daniel playing Gameboy
my Brother Daniel in his farm clothes playing Gameboy.

The Modern Day Pacman

So now in this day and age I cannot even keep up with the evolution of video games. The amazing graphics and level of difficulty that comes with them. Quite frankly I think the gaming world has gotten a little out of control but that is a different story for a different day.

Once morning I hopped on Google to look something up as I do pretty much every single day, and I remember seeing Pacman on Google’s home page. To my surprise I was a little shocked when I realized I could actually play the game right there. Needless to say I did spend a few minutes trying to knock off some of the rust before I moved on to my daily activities. The game was up on Google’s home page for 48 hours celebrating the 30th anniversary of the most popular game of all time! This was back in 2010. May 21 to be exact.

By popular demand, Pac Man became available permanently on

And just for fun I have embedded the game on this post for you to enjoy for a few minutes and maybe bring back a few childhood memories to you to as it did for me.

Thanks to Barry Schwartz’s post for the embedding code.

And if you are really missing those old arcade games you grew up with here is a great site running a simulator of all those great MS-DOS Games: